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High Power Dual Directional Coupler, 1-2GHz, 40dB, N Female

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Model WMHPDDC-1-2-40dB-N from Werbel Microwave is a dual directional coupler that covers the L band, 1 to 2 GHz.  This catalog model features 40dB coupling factor in both forward and reverse directions.  The catalog model ships with N Female connectors at all ports.  It is capable of handling 500W CW on the main line.  Custom configurations of dB values and connector types are available.  Consult the factory with your requirements.

The forward and reverse coupled outputs are independently isolated, which means that a mismatch on one coupled port will not affect the other.  This is a useful characteristic in amplifier power monitoring applications where a good VSWR cannot always be guaranteed at the detector input.


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HTS: 85255000