About Werbel Microwave

Since 2014, Werbel Microwave has designed and produced high performance radio frequency components for defense, commercial, test and measurement applications.  Werbel Microwave offers COTS and custom designed microwave components.

Capabilities Statement

Our core principle is to provide quality products with consistent performance with high reliability.  

Keeping a lean manufacturing environment using automated processes offer the best quality and delivery in the industry.

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Private Label

We help customers create new product lines.

In House Prototyping

Drastically reduce lead times of new designs.

Quality System

Certified ISO 9001:2015 system.
View and download cert here.

One Year Warranty

On all products from the date shipped.

Core Values

Quality Control
  • Hand-assembly.
  • Repetitive operations are automated.
  • 100% test and inspection.
Personalized Service
  • Direct access to staff and president.
  • NO chat bots.  NO phone menus.
  • NO call centers.
  • Office staff receives technical training. 
  • Always a live person.
In-House Design
  • Uninhibited support of product life cycle.
  • Custom requirements.
  • Innovative, talented team.
Supply Chain Stability
  • Assembled and tested in USA.
  • Maintain stock of common materials.
  • Typical production time: 6-8 weeks if not in stock.

Atlas Computerized Torque Driver

Atlas Computerized Torque Machine Demonstration by Werbel Microwave

PCB Production and Reflow Oven

Demonstration of our pick and place machine and reflow oven.  Consistently places SMD resistors for mass production of Wilkinson splitters and other devices.  We can process hundreds of PC boards like the one shown in this video daily at our Whippany, New Jersey facility. 

We offer this as a service and can help with all part of the process including procurement and kitting.  Alternatively, “bring your own parts” and let our equipment work for you!

Contact us today and let us help on your next project.

LPKF Protolaser

Our in-house PCB prototyping capability allows us to rapidly develop new designs and meet urgent customer needs.  Laser-cut PCB traces are far more accurate than chemical etching.  Additionally, the perfectly straight lines enhance RF performance.  This is crucial with coupler and filter networks as we push higher in frequency. 

We maintain stock of commonly used RF materials, so we are in position to respond quickly to expedite requests from customers.

Pick and Place Machine

Pick and place machine running a 16-way splitter board that was too large to fit on the rails… but that did not stop us from getting the work done! See the machine in action at full speed! This is our electronics assembly facility in Whippany New Jersey USA. Werbel Microwave can offer this service. Let our machine do the work for you!

Ernest Werbel

Ernest Werbel

President, Engineer, Founder

A message to our customers

I am most grateful for the trust you have placed in Werbel Microwave for supporting your projects.

Since 2014 we have been realizing the dream of bringing high technology, electronics manufacturing back to the United States.

Our commitment is to quality, excellence in workmanship, quick delivery and long term reliability of our products.

Building on technical and design experience since 2004, I have personally designed most of the products offered.  Whether it is a Werbel branded product or a custom or OEM product.  This allows us to support the product while avoiding obsolescence and supply issues.

Quality Products

We have expanded in-house engineering capabilities to support and maintain product design with minimal end-of-life risk.

We have the capacity to process large orders to support OEM and private label needs.

Online store orders ship immediately from stock.  Larger back orders typically ship within 6 weeks.

OEM Services

Private label and brand-supporting services.


ISO 9001 Quality Management System


We can design components to your specifictions.

Secure Payments

Online store features SSL Encryption