About Werbel Microwave

Werbel Microwave designs, develops and manufactures high-performance, quality radio frequency (RF) and microwave products for military, commercial, test and measurement, DAS and amateur radio applications. 

Products include: single and dual directional couplers, bidirectional couplers, power splitters, power dividers, power combiners, wilkinson and resistive splitters, reactive splitters, 90 and 180 degree hybrids, bias tees, monopulse comparators. 

Werbel Microwave welcomes to submit their customized RF requirements for quotation. Werbel Microwave also welcomes distributors and resellers for promoting and selling Werbel Microwave products. Werbel Microwave products are sold and shipped worldwide. 

Werbel Microwave provides online buying capability for customers requiring immediate delivery. Orders placed online typically ship within 1-2 business days.

We Are a U.S.A. Based Electronics Manufacturer.

High quality, consistent performance and reliability are core values.

Automated equipment allows us to run lean.

Private Label

We help customers create new product lines.

In House Prototyping

Drastically reduce lead times of new designs.

Quality System

Certified ISO 9001:2015 system.
View and download cert.

One Year Warranty

On all products from the date shipped.

Pick and Place Machine

Wilkinson Splitters at High Capacity

Automated assembly allows us to populate up to 100 boards daily with size as small as 0402 resistors.

LPKF Protolaser S4

Coupler Pcb's with Unbeatable Accuracy

Laser-etched pcb’s are more accurate then chemical etching, achieving precise coupling values with repeatable performance.

Reflow Oven

Increasing Reliability and Repeatability

Proper soldering of all joints while minimizing thermal stress ensures long term reliability of products.

Get Best Offers On Customized Designs!

Meet Our Creative Team

Ernest Werbel

Ernest Werbel

Chief Engineer

A message to our customers

I am most grateful for the trust you have placed in Werbel Microwave for supporting your projects.

Since 2014 we have been realizing the dream of bringing high technology, electronics manufacturing back to the United States.

Our commitment is to quality, excellence in workmanship, quick delivery and long term reliability of our products.

Building on technical and design experience since 2004, I have personally designed most of the products offered.  Whether it is a Werbel branded product or a custom or OEM product.  This allows us to support the product while avoiding obsolescence and supply issues.

Best Quality Products Manufactured here in the United States

We can design and assemble products built to your required specification in large quantities. In house laser prototyping for fast turnaround and accurate results.

Our parts are assembled here in the United States.

We have the capacity to manufacture large orders to fit your OEM and private label needs.

Built To Order

Private label for large quantities , smaller quantities are available for purchase in store

Best Quality

Made in USA at our Whippany NJ office


We can manufacture components to your specifictions

Secure Payments

Online store features SSL Encryption