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Active GPS Splitter, 8-way, 950-2150MHz, SMA Female

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Model WM8PD-GPS-ACT-S from Werbel Microwave is a one-input, eight-output GPS splitter.  The typical application allows the GPS signal from an active GPS antenna located on the roof to be split evenly among eight GPS receivers.  The WM8PD-GPS-ACT-S passes +5VDC to the antenna connected at the RF IN port by way of internal bias tee network.  

All outputs are DC blocked with 200Ω DC load to simulate an antenna DC current draw for any receiver connected.  All eight channels provide signal gain to help overcome the loss of the splitter and associated cabling.  

The product is versatile in that it allows for two power supply options: 120VAC wall adapter (provided) for benchtop use, or +5VDC direct connection by feedthrough for permanent installations into chassis or rack mount systems.  Manufactured in the USA.


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HTS: 85255000