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Power Divider, 4-way, 0.5-6GHz, SMA Female, Front Side

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WM4PD-0.5-6-S1 is a 4-way power splitter covering the continuous bandwidth of 500 MHz to 6 GHz in an enclosure measuring 3.48 x 3.48 x 0.55 inches.  The configuration is unique in that the input and output are on the same side, which allows for front panel mounting in rack systems, and internally where space may be limited.  The device is RoHS compliant and popular in Wi-Fi, cellular and PCS test systems.  It also may be used to cover the upper UHF band, and additionally, L band, S band, and the lower half of C band.  Gold plated SMA female connectors provide corrosion resistant ground.  The product also covers several of the miliary letter bands.  Assembled and tested in USA.


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HTS: 85255000


PCN 24-001: Change to Form