Resistive Splitters and Taps

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Werbel Microwave presents a lineup of 50 Ohm resistive power divider/combiner models, conveniently listed in the table provided below. To assist you in determining the optimal divider/combiner type for your specific application, we recommend consulting our application note. For personalized assistance tailored to your requirements, please reach out to Werbel Microwave directly or utilize our convenient Inquiry Form. Our resistive divider/combiners feature a symmetrical layout using a star configuration, enabling them to function as RF hubs with equal loss across all paths. They are ideal for connecting multiple radios in a closed network environment, making them suitable for various testing applications.

Model Number
(Datasheet Link)
Number of
TypeF Low
F High
Power Input
as Splitter
(W, max)
(Shop Link)
PT30-81Pickoff TeeDC8000SMA0.5
R-20602ResistiveDC6000SMA1Special order.
R-21802ResistiveDC18000SMA0.2Special order.
R-2180-N2ResistiveDC18000N0.2Special order.
R-8006-33ResistiveDC8000SMA0.2Special order.
R-8006-44ResistiveDC8000SMA0.2Special order.
R-8006-55ResistiveDC8000SMA0.2Special order.
R-8012-66ResistiveDC8000SMA0.2Special order.
R-8012-88ResistiveDC8000SMA0.2Special order.
R-8012-1010ResistiveDC8000SMA0.2Special order.
R-8018-1212ResistiveDC8000SMA0.2Special order.
R-8018-1616ResistiveDC8000SMA0.2Special order.

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