Rack Mount Assemblies


  • Build-to-print.
  • Full design.

Project Examples

  • Splitters and combiner networks.
  • Active splitters.
  • Matrix networks.
  • Amplifiers.
  • Power Test Setup (see below).

Project Example: Power Test Set

300 watts RF power amplifier test setup for internal use built into a portable 19-inch rack.

Technical Specifications:

  • 300 watts CW output from 20-512MHz.
  • 0-60V 0-50V 1000W DC power supply.
  • Independent control of power to amplifier, fans.
  • Two 40A switches allow the operator to safely set power supply voltage and current limits before applying power to PA.
  • LEDs indicate real-time status of operation.
  • Signal generator, power sensors and cabling.
  • Our own low loss dual 40dB directional coupler for forward and reverse power monitoring.
  • 300 watts convection-cooled loads requiring no fans.

The Value Proposition:

  • Computer to control generator and run data acquisition software.
  • Infrared thermal imaging camera to locate hot spots.
  • Wiring harness and terminal block work assembled in house.
  • Dedicated test station eliminates time spent breaking down and building the setup when needed.
  • Permanent cabling/wiring eliminates the possibility of costly errors.
  • Hard-wired “dumb” circuitry without controller IC’s always works and cannot be hacked into!

Please use our contact form or call an applications engineer to discuss your specific requirements.

ImageModelTopologyF Low
F High
Detailed Description
WMRA-2PD-0.5-6-N-2U-10CT2-way Splitters5006000N Female19" x 2U, 10-count, Vertical
WMRA-4PD-0.5-6-S-3U-10CT4-way Splitters5006000SMA Female19" x 3U, 10-count, Vertical