Wideband Power Divider 2-way N Female from 500 MHz to 8 GHz

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Wideband Power Divider 2-way N Female from 500 MHz to 8 GHz

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The D-2085-N power divider/combiner from Werbel Microwave boasts several key features, including a super wideband capability spanning from 500 to 8000 MHz. It ensures minimal signal degradation with a low insertion loss of approximately 0.6 dB on average. The power divider also exhibits low amplitude unbalance, typically measuring 0.08 dB, and offers excellent voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) of approximately 1.22:1, indicating efficient signal transmission. Additionally, it provides high isolation of approximately 23 dB, effectively minimizing interference between channels. These qualities make it suitable for various applications, including fixed satellite systems, mobile communications, and space research. Experience reliable performance and efficient signal distribution with this versatile power divider/combiner.

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Werbel Microwave is the ideal place to purchase a 2-way power divider featuring N connectors and a Wilkinson design. We offer a wide range of RF/microwave power divider products, ensuring that you will find the perfect solution for your needs. Our extensive inventory allows for same-day shipping from our location. Whether you require RF/microwave or millimeter wave power dividers/splitters or other RF components for applications in areas such as production, test and measurement labs, military/defense, and more, we have you covered. Our warehouse is stocked with a variety of RF parts, including those for transmitter/receiver equipment and antennas, ensuring prompt delivery of your order.

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