Power Divider, 3-way, 2-18GHz, SMA Female

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Power Divider, 3-way, 2-18GHz, SMA Female

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D-3182 is a legacy product.  It will continue to be supported as long as needed.  It has been replaced by model WM3PD-2-18-S.  Specifications are the same or improved.  There are no changes to the mechanical fit of the product.  The form (appearance) change is to color (green paint) and laser marking.  It may continue to be special ordered.

D-3182 is a wideband 3-way in-line power splitter covering a continuous bandwidth of 2 to 18 GHz in a compact enclosure measuring 2.25 x 1.00 x 0.38 inches.  The device is RoHS compliant.  A proven product in regular production since 2016.  This is a “true” three-way split; not an internally terminated 4-way, with excellent insertion loss and amplitude balance.  This is inherently advantageous over a terminated 4-way because you will save a nominal 1.2dB of insertion loss and prevent unnecessary heating within the master enclosure.  Assembled and tested in USA.

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