Coupler 10 dB SMA Female from 2 GHz to 18 GHz

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The Werbel Microwave C-1182-10 offers reliable performance with impressive features. Its wide frequency range from 2 to 18 GHz makes it suitable for various applications. With good coupling flatness, directivity, and return loss, it ensures consistent signal transmission, accurate power sampling, and minimized reflections. The coupler’s versatility, including the ability to pass DC current, makes it suitable for cellular infrastructure, military settings, and lab use.

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The Werbel Microwave C-1182-10 offers a range of impressive features for reliable performance. With its wide frequency range spanning from 2 to 18 GHz, it is suitable for a variety of applications. The coupler exhibits good coupling flatness with a typical deviation of ±0.4 dB, ensuring consistent signal transmission. It also provides good directivity, reaching 17 dB up to 18 GHz, which allows for accurate power sampling without significant output mismatches. Additionally, the coupler demonstrates good return loss, achieving 15 dB typ. up to 18 GHz to minimize undesired reflections and amplitude variations. With its ability to pass DC current from input to output, it is versatile for applications in cellular infrastructure, military settings, and lab use.

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When it comes to coaxial couplers, Werbel Microwave has you covered with a wide range of products to meet your needs. Whether it’s for laboratory testing, defense/military applications, or antenna systems, we have the right RF coupler for you. Our couplers are designed with SMA ports, guaranteeing reliable and directional signal transmission. With female SMA ports and a 50 Ohm impedance, our couplers provide compatibility and consistent performance. Trust Werbel Microwave to provide top-quality couplers that are customized to suit your specific requirements in the field of radio frequency technology.

Weight 2 oz
Start Frequency

2 GHz

Stop Frequency

18 GHz


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