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Monopulse Comparators

Werbel Microwave designs monopulse comparators to operate over a narrow bandwidth centered at a spceific frequency.

These devices are inherently narrowband due to their internal structure.  Werbel Microwave can design and optimize a monopulse comparator specific to the frequency band required, up to 20 GHz. 

Werbel Microwave does not offer these as "off the shelf" items because the product must be custom-made for an often confidential operating frequency.  While it is necessary to understand the operating frequency in order to furnish a working design, this information is kept in strict confidentiality.  These devices are made on a "per order" basis. 

See typical outline drawing.  Size will depend largely on frequency of operation and customer requirements.



Model No

Frequency Min

Frequency Max

Configuration Connector Type Input Power Rating

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TBD 100 MHz 20 GHz Quad SMA 50 W WIP Special
order item.