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Werbel Microwave 90° and 180° hybrids provide a 3dB split with precise phase shift between outputs.  They are typically used in power amplification applications.  Low loss, tight control of amplitude and phase balance, high isolation.

Model NumberTypeFrequency
Low (MHz)
High (MHz)
dB, Typ.
Input Power
W, Max.
WMQH-0.5-1-S90° Hybrid50010002650SMA
WMQH-1-2-S90° Hybrid100020002450SMA
WMQH-2-4-S90° Hybrid200040002350SMA
WMQH-4-8-S90° Hybrid400080002350SMA
WMQH-5-10-S90° Hybrid5000100003930SMA
WMQH-6-12-S90° Hybrid6000124001730SMA
WMQH-6-18-S90° Hybrid6000180001730SMA

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