Horizontal Mounting Bracket for Directional Couplers

Directional Coupler Mounting Bracket

BKT-1830 is a universal mounting bracket that is compatible with several series and models of directional couplers manufactured by Werbel Microwave.  It allows convenient mounting to a chassis in various configurations.  The bracket easily converts a vertical mount coupler format to a horizontal mounted configuration.  The mounting is reversible, depending on where the input and output is required.

0.3-8GHz Series
Models Supported:
  • WMC-0.3-8-10dB-S
  • WMC-0.3-8-20dB-S
  • WMC-0.3-8-30dB-S
0.5-20GHz Series
Models Supported:
  • WMC-0.5-18.5-10dB-S
  • WMC-0.5-18.5-20dB-S
  • WMC-0.5-20-10dB-S
  • WMC-0.5-20-20dB-S
  • WMC-1-20-10dB-S
  • WMC-1-20-20dB-S
2-18GHz Series
Models Supported:
  • WMC-2-18-6dB-S
  • WMC-2-18-10dB-S
  • WMC-2-18-15dB-S
  • WMC-2-18-20dB-S
  • WMC-2-18-30dB-S