High Power Passives

High Power Bi Directional Coupler 6 dB N Female from 130 MHz to 520 MHz
High Power Directional Coupler 20 dB N Female from 700 MHz to 6 GHz

With Werbel Microwave’s high-power series, you can achieve an impressive bandwidth, all while maintaining exceptional Size, Weight, and Performance (SWAP). Rest assured that Werbel Microwave products are built to endure and deliver outstanding performance in demanding applications.

Couplers, Bidirectional Couplers, Dual Directional Couplers

WMHPDDC-1-250M-40dB-NDual Coupler40 dB100 W1250N-F
WMHPC-80-520M-6dB-NCoupler6 dB200 W80520N-F
WMHPBDC-80-520M-6dB-NBidirectional6 dB200 W80520N-F
WMHPC-80-520M-10dB-NCoupler10 dB200 W80520N-F
WMHPC-80-520M-20dB-NCoupler20 dB200 W80520N-F
WMHPDDC-80-1000M-40dB-NDual Coupler40 dB200 W (80-520MHz)801000N-F
WMHPC-950-1220M-30dB-NCoupler30 dB200 W9501220N-F
WMHPDDC-950-1220M-30dB-NDual Coupler30 dB200 W9501220N-F
WMHPDDC-1-2-40dB-NDual Coupler40 dB200 W10002000N-F
WMHPDDC-1-2-40dB-NSDual Coupler40 dB200 W10002000N-F, SMA-F
WMHPDDC-1-2-50dB-DSDual Coupler50 dB1 kW100020007/16-F, SMA-F

Splitters (Power Dividers) and Combiners

Available SoonWM2HPD-20-520M-N2-way50 W20250N-F
In House Power Testing Capability

Now that we have designed and built our power testing setup for internal use (view rack systems) we can provide high power products that we can qualify internally.

Entities outside the U.S. or exporters will be required to fill out an End Use Certificate prior to order acceptance.

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