Power Divider 8-way SMA Female from 500 MHz to 6 GHz
Model Number
(Datasheet Link)
Number of
F Low
F High
Power Input
as Splitter
(W, max)
(Shop Link)
D-202725002700SMA50Buy or RFQ
D-2065-N25006000N50Buy or RFQ
D-206625006000SMA50Buy or RFQ
D-2085-N25008000N20Coming Soon
D-21822200018000SMA30Buy or RFQ
D-2182-N2200018000N30Coming Soon
D-21842400018000SMA30Coming Soon
D-2185250018000SMA20Buy or RFQ
D-31823200018000SMA25Buy or RFQ
D-31863600018000SMA10Coming Soon
D-402545002000SMA30Buy or RFQ
D-406645006000SMA30Buy or RFQ
D-4185450018000SMA20Buy or RFQ
D-496745006000SMA Single-Side30Buy or RFQ
D-4047-BNC47004000BNC30Buy or RFQ
D-41824200018000SMA30Buy or RFQ
D-41844400018000SMA30Buy or RFQ
D-606665006000SMA50Buy or RFQ
D-674767004700SMAComing Soon
D-61826200018000SMA30Buy or RFQ
D-806685006000SMA30Buy or RFQ
D-8185850018000SMA20Buy or RFQ
D-81828200018000SMA25Buy or RFQ
D-896685006000SMA Single Side30Buy or RFQ
D-16001165006000SMA30Special Order
D-16002165006000SMA Single Side30Buy or RFQ

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