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D-2182 (Legacy)

Power Divider, 2-way, 2-18GHz, SMA Female

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Note: this links to the replacement product.


D-2182 is a legacy product.  It will continue to be supported as long as materials allow.  It has been replaced by model WM2PD-2-18-S.  Specifications are the same or improved.  There are no changes to the mechanical fit of the product.  The form (appearance) change is to color (green paint) and laser marking.  It may continue to be special ordered.

D-2182 is a wideband 2-way in-line power splitter covering 2 to 18 GHz with excellent return loss, low insertion loss, and high isolation performance. Insertion loss is 0.5dB typical, with typical isolation of 18dB between outputs.  The device covers many of the military letter bands and is RoHS compliant, but Sn/Pb solder is available on special order.  The compact size enclosure measures 2.25 x 1.00 x 0.38 inches with four through-mounting holes.  One product covers S, C, X and Ku bands in a compact enclosure.  Designed, assembled, and tested in the USA.



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HTS: 85255000


PCN 24-001: Change to Form