ModelDS3DF Low
F High
Config.Conn. TypeBuy
C-1352-061305206Single N
C-5352-061305206Bi N
C-1352-1013052010Single N
C-1352-2013052020Single N
C-1352-3013052030Single N
C-1830-10300800010Single SMA
C-1830-20300800020Single SMA
C-1830-30300800030Single SMA
C-1002-0650020006Single SMA
C-1002-10500200010Single SMA
C-1002-20500200020Single SMA
C-1002-30500200030Single SMA
C-0506-10500600010Single SMA
C-0506-20500600020Single SMA
C-1185-105001850010Single SMA
C-1185-205001850020Single SMA
C-1205-105002000010Single SMA
C-1205-155002000015Single SMA
C-1205-205002000020Single SMA
C-1205-305002000030Single SMA
C-1760-20700600020Single N
C-0120-1010002000010Single SMA
C-0208-06200080006Single SMA
C-0208-102000800010Single SMA
C-0208-202000800020Single SMA
C-1182-1020001800010Single SMA
C-1182-1520001800015Single SMA
C-1182-2020001800020Single SMA
C-1182-3020001800030Single SMA
C-1806-1060001800010Single SMA
C-1806-2060001800020Single SMA
C-1806-3060001800030Single SMA

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