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Here are some examples of other projects we have done.  Not everything is RF/microwave related.  We have the talent and tools to assist with your projects, large and small.  Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Filter Circuit Board with Wound Toroids

The customer provided us with the circuit, parts list and assembly instructions.  This filter board was made using through-hole technology because of the need for ruggedness and high voltage.  

It was then mounted into a customized metal enclosure using standoffs and connectors.  The toroid’s were wound in house using magnet wire.  The AWG and number of turns were specified by the customer.

Thru-Hole Pcb Population

High Voltage Network with Relays, Resistors and Capacitors

Enclosure Builds

The customer provided the parts list, circuit diagram and high-level requirements for interface to the outside.  We designed the assembly process and parts layout with consideration to high voltage requirements.

The assembly consists of relays, high-power resistors, high-voltage capacitors and terminal blocks.  

Combo 8.5dB Directional Coupler at Four Frequency Ranges

The customer needed four directional couplers in tandem within a single, compact enclosure.  The objective was to multiplex different frequency bands without the need for bulky filters. 

By designing four independent couplers within one enclosure, we were able to minimize the loss and mismatches caused by additional cables and adapters, as well as minimize the size and weight of the network.

The device features four 8.5dB couplers in the forward direction.  Each coupler was optimized over a set frequency range within 1-18GHz.

Combo Couplers