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Pick-Off Tees

What may be considered a specialized variation of a coupler, a Pick-Off Tee is used to sample the voltage from a main line and replicate it at sampled output.

This offers several advantages. Pick-Off tees may be made physically small compared to directional couplers. They are often less expensive than couplers and provide theoretically infinite bandwidth with very low insertion loss.

One parameter we give up when using a pick-off tee is directionality, which is zero, since its inputs and outputs are typically reversible, unless designed specifically for a certain configuration.

Werbel Microwave's pick-off tees may be matched at the tapping port to maintain 50-ohm impedance at all ports. As always, these may be custom-configured to the requirements of your system.

  Frequency Value RF Connector Specification
DC - 6 GHz 20 dB
30 dB
SMA Female 1TS0006-20









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