90-degree Quad Hybrid 0.5-1GHz, SMA-Female

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This Werbel Microwave Quadrature Hybrid design is a dual coupler that works in between .5 and 1 GHz. It has a nominal impedance of 50 ohms. The coupling nominal value is typically 3.1 dB. Coupling flatness has a maximum value of plus and minus 0.6 dB. Phase unbalanced is typically plus or minus 2 degrees between all the outputs. Isolation minimum is 25 dB and the VSWR on all the ports has a maximum value of 1.2:1. 50 W is the maximum amount of power that can be at the input.

The Quadrature Hybrid has an operating temperature range from -55 degrees Celsius (-67 degree Fahrenheit) to 85 degrees Celsius (185 degrees Fahrenheit). Humidity must be equal to or less than 85% in a non-condensing environment. It has been designed for indoor use only. The housings and covers are made up of aluminum Alloy with a RoHS Compliant Clear finish. The unit is 3.06 in*.38 in*.50 in. Four Stainless steel connectors are used to interface with the device with an overall weight of 1.2 oz.  


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