4-way Splitter/Combiner 0.5-6GHz, SMA or N Female, Wide Output Spacing

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One splitter for many applications, the installer-friendly model WMPD04-0.5-6-X-B4 is a 4-way splitter/combiner covering the continuous frequency band 500MHz to 6GHz.

Feature: wide output terminal spacing of 1.25 inches (many competitors offer only 1.00 inches) allowing easy access with a torque wrench.  This equates to less time and frustration in the field, and more money in your pocket.

Feature: Higher-than-normal power rating resistors (1.5 watts) of low value near the Wilkinson split junction for increased long-term reliability.

Extended Range: This product is usable over the range 350-6,500MHz with degradation of performance, notably isolation (low frequency) and insertion loss (high frequency).

May be fitted with type N or SMA female connectors.  Specify with order placement.




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