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90-degree Hybrids

Hybrid splitter/combiners produce outputs that are equal in amplitude by 90 degrees apart in phase.

They are often used in higher power applications, such as combining amplifier outputs. By connecting a large termination to the isolated port, reflections may be absorbed at higher power levels than a Wilkinson combiner.

Werbel Microwave is a creator of customized 90-degree hybrid splitter/combiners in various configurations.

Frequency Connector Specification
0.5 - 1 GHz SMA Female 2QS0501
1 - 2 GHz SMA Female 2QS0102
2 - 4 GHz SMA Female 2QS0204
2.6 - 5.2 GHz SMA Female 2QS2652
4 - 8 GHz SMA Female 2QS0408
7 - 12.4 GHz SMA Female 2QS0712
12 - 18 GHz SMA Female 2QS1218

N Female and other frequencies available upon request.









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