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Werbel Microwave LLC is a United States based designer and assembler of highly-customized, microwave components.

Since 2014, we have been serving the commercial and military wireless industries by developing products specifically for niche applications.

We continue to expand our product line to include more general-purpose components. Our current library spans from sub-MHz frequencies up to 20 GHz.


622 State Highway 10 West, Unit 9
Whippany, N.J. 07981

Tel. (973) 515-3001 - FAX (973) 515-3004





Custom Design and Build to Order

This web site serves as a catalog of previous projects.  When possible, stock is maintained to build small quantities and one-offs of our current product line.  However most of our work is:

Design and build to meet customer specification: RF, Mechanical, Environmental.

Build to order production runs of current series.  Since 2014 we have shipped more than 2,500 units total.

Capabilities: Assembly

Where requested or required, sweat-soldering the pcb to the housing (either silver or nickel plated) allows for maximum grounding conductivity and anti-vibration.

Pneumatic-dispensing of solder paste allows for repeatable assembly with resistors as small as 0201 size.  Hot air pencil station allows for uniform wetting while applying lower heat than with a traditional iron.  Low temperature solder options are available, depending on your needs.





Fast and Flexible

Specializing in short-runs and prototyping quantities.

Fully-capable of handling larger volume orders.

Typical design-to-delivery of new products within 6 weeks.

On-site PCB prototyping equipment for rapid design-proving and short lead times.


Engineering Design

RF circuit design using AWR Microwave Office AXIEM 2-1/2D planar EM simulation.

Mechanical Design

3D solid modelling of mechanical parts with Alibre Design.






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622 State Hwy 10 West, Unit 9
Whippany, New Jersey 07981

Tel (973) 515-3001
Fax (973) 515-3004


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